Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fragrance Collection Review

These are a few Perfume scents I wear. I want to share them with everyone. One thing I hate when going into a department store is being rushed by sales men/women trying to get a commission and not really caring if the customer is satisfied.  So if you don't have any that I'm about to show you, you would have an idea of what you can test smell.  I prefer sweet floral or fruity smells.  Sometimes I like a must smell if its a combination of floral or fruit.  It can not be a Jasmine and pachouli only base.  So ask the sales rep what notes make up the scent, thats important.  Another thing you may need to do is spray it on you inner wrist and walk around for a minute the smell needs time to mix with your natural body oils to produce the right smell for you. Hope this is helpful! So these are just a few of my picks.

Daisy I like this its distinctive and has a slightly different scent from the original, but again body chemistry will have the last say on how this smells on you.

I love this I have 2 of them it smells like the expression New Money$ . Floral evening smell

This also has an adult smell never old lady I wouldn't do that to myself much less you guys! I would say this is a combo of floral orientals

Love this ! Its smell is just like the name of the perfume. Very soft and sensuous yet strong in character. 

Friday, December 28, 2012


 These are just a few of the things I have on my list,  The smell goods are really nice all day wear fragrances, as far as the make up goes the shadows have great coverage, well pigmented color.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kat Von B. Eye shadow palette Review

If your looking for a shadow with great pigment, color options, and lasting capabilities?  This one is a good choice.  I can use this palette without a eye shadow base and still have perfect coverage.  The price is also reasonable.  I bought my compact from Sephora, they have a few palette shade options to choose from.  This specific one is called LUDWIG.  With the shades listed from left to right.  Lucifer, orbi, Dimebag, Tequila, Clay, Downtown, Baroque, leather.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Get the look

Get this look for less Divas on a budget!  Not posted but you can purchase a variety of affordable corsets at your local mall by visiting Charolette Russe or their online store to complete this look!!
Angela Simmons dresses up her high top Adidas with a Designer Brand Jacket and a corset top

Quilted Moto jacket 49.80 from or where ever sold

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bebe Mini striped leather jacket ( The look for less)

This piece bought to us by Store Bebe is a must have for anyone looking to make a style statement, Its real leather and fragile in terms of the mesh fabric holding the leather strips together.  This jacket goes for a cool  $229.00.  How many are willing to spend that on this pleasure?  So I started to look for others means to obtain this look.  Now keep in mind if you have a fashion sense at all you can make anything look like 100 bucks!  Below are some options when looking for a cheaper way to achieve the look.

This Teal jacket can be purchased for  $24.99 from  In my opinion this one has the best look of quality.

This one is from , however this will need special fashion skills in pulling this off because it doesnt have the same look of quality as the one posted below.

This one I love its a Vintage gold color at web site for a price of  $19.99 its all how you put your clothing together throw in some designer piece or accesories and it wont be questioned. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012






Hello everyone its been a while since my last post.  Really its to (update the post) because I take the pictures regularly, however I get a little side tracked when its time to upload post. So because I know the importance of the female manicure here is my thoughts on the Nail craze  CAVIAR BEAD !  Initially I wanted to purchase mine from SEPHORA, however they were always sold out.  So with that being said I decided to take the cheaper way out and just ordering a variety pack on Amazon from another retailer. When my package of the beads arrived I was excited and immediately started to match up the beads with polishes that I thought matched closest.  As pictured above you can see the end result of that.  At a later date I will upload what my Nails look like and how I thought the caviar look held up.     Stay tuned guys CHEERS!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Nail Craze Caviar Manicure

Search around by other retailers.  They have other color options and availability.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Trends Tips Sephora by OPI

These are some Trend Tips I purchased form Sephora.  If you visit older post you can see I use the sally Hansen brands of this style of nail polish, however if I had to chose which I prefer it would be he Sephora brand based on quality and the Sally Hansen because its cheaper! I've had experiences where the Sally Hansen was very dry there for wouldn't adhere to the nail.  I've never had any similar issues with the Sephora OPI brand.  So below you can see how my nails turned out!  I still have yet to pick the right way to lay the strips without having wrinkles in it.  Anyone have a technique please do share in my comments section. X.O.X.O till next time !!

As you can see I had a bit of a problem find ing the right fit as well as  getting it to lay flat.  Sally Hansen brand lays more easily. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

H & M Brand Polish

I like to try some of the cheaper brand polish.  Some times there over looked we wean them out  because their not Top shelf, but sometimes they surprise you with great coverage.  So I saw these duo Nail polishes in H & M and decided  to check out the quality.  This post is to be continued:

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sephora 18ct. GOLD Top Coat

I was doing my usual restock of my benefit Boi-ing concealer when I bumped into a polish that's is said to have this intense shine with real 18 ct. gold high light bits. There was only one left so I took that as faith that I was to have this 18 ct. luxury nail polish at $30.00 a pop! plus tax.  The sales girl told me they sold out immediately so I felt like I won the lottery.  I tried this polish with the Essie summer polish A CREWED INTEREST so if you google the color you know what I'm talking about, the 18ct. gave my nails a nice shine however the little gold specs where hardly noticeable for what I payed and the polish it self yellowed every polish I tried with it.  It gave this look of residue.  I was totally unsatisfied with this polish.  So not worth the price$.  I would buy it at $5.00 for the shine and only use it with dark colors so you cannot see the yellow effect.  I hope my experience saves someone 30 bucks!  CHEERS!!

Its real but so mot worth the money!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I have been going through a few things lately never really making the time to do any new post, However I'm here right now.  I like to live in the NOW!  So here is a pic of some little creation I made up just to have a manni look appealing.

some color blocking with polish with added sally hansen nail decals

People Please excuse my cuticle i have been pealing them,  These nails were done with my Conad disk

Friday, May 25, 2012

YOUTUBE inspired spiked heels

Now I love to improvise when it comes to some things fashion, then I believe some things can not be faked.  However, it is almost always about Presentation + Confidence.  I happen to be a Non- conformist so I do not allow Fashion as much as I love it or trends to Limit me Artistically expression of self.  So I love to create and trying new things and this project feel under both categories.  As you will see in the images bellow I have attempted to make a studded pair of wearable pumps. Once the shoes were done I did realize that they are now about one full size ti half a size big.  I bought the shoes in my right size 8.  So if your going to try this keep that in mind.  These shoe were comfy before i added the studs and are still quite wearable now that the screws are on the back.  One think I will be doing to make them more fitted will be to add an elastic strap right across the top to keep the shoe from flip flopping missing up my sexy.  We cant have that.  LOL

These are a basic pair of pumps purchased from Charolette Russe I love the Heel.  I thought these shoes would look hot with spikes along the back so I
 decided to add some of my own.

This is after applying a few spike the shoe, I used a regular drill for the wholes, then screwed the spikes in.

Coming along nicely

Now for the people wondering what it looks like on the inside!  Basically you wanna screw  the spikes as far as they will allow you to go.

These is the finish product.  As I thought the spiked heel went grate with the spikes.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

E-Bay Shopping Designer for less

If you like Designer brands for less maybe you should consider buying from a celebrities closet!!  Celebrities go through spring cleaning of the wardrobe too.  Think of it as someone else old things can be your new things.  Remember these could have been gifts to the celebrity they didn't want, or had already, they could have worn it for a photo shoot.  Very lightly worn items.  Im only sad I do not wear a XS in clothing or a Euro 37 in shoes, But if I did these would be my choice.  Check it out!!!

Max Azria

Alexander Wang

Alice + Olivia

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

KiKi's Candles

Have you ever had an experience buying candles that smelled amazing once you opened the lid or while you were in the store but once you burned the candle at home there was not a trace of the candles fragrance around?  Well I have enough for any of us.  And I must admit its very annoying.  I love candles especially good candle that makes a whole average size room light up with its aroma.  Its nothing like sitting in a clean house with some clean linen fragrance filling the room while sipping your MOSCATO!  Yumm!.  So I recently found an up and coming brand  I love!  I love to support quality of name brands or quantity any day.  So because I know sharing is caring below you will see the name of these candle I cannot get enough of unless its 90+ degrees out side.  LOL

KiKi's Candles Straight out of NYC, to be premiered at Fall fashion week 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Duo eye liner stick by NYC

My latest trip to the local Duane Reade was in search of my favorite eyebrow pencil made by Jordana.  I usually purchase it from Walgreens which I know for a fact sells this brand however I'm assuming that they share the same products.  So I walked straight to the make up aisle taking a glimpse of the O.P.I and ESSIE collection that happen to be so few it look like they were giving it away. I started checking brands that I could see carried Eyebrow pencils.  I Came across some that were way to expensive.  $12. 00 & up.  I am use to buying a color of which I love for .99 cents, so anything over that by $3.00  is too much for me.  I came across the brand NYC.  They had brow pencils some of which look similar to my Jordana pencil color.  So I picked up 2 of the possibles and A new Duo eyeliner that carried several variations.  I first wanted the white tip with black on the other end but was worried of the quality of the pencil being it was only 1.99 each.  How ever I purchased a black and copper duo. When I arrived home I immediately went to try this pencil on while my eye makeup was still intact.  I was very please of how easily the pencil glided onto my lower eyelid.  It gave my eyes this subtle pop of amazement.  I give this product 4 STARS.  I will be going back for the white, blue, turquoise, and the pink.

Below you can see what the stick looks like. MUST TRY!!

The whole stick

Copper end as high light

Black end