Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fragrance Collection Review

These are a few Perfume scents I wear. I want to share them with everyone. One thing I hate when going into a department store is being rushed by sales men/women trying to get a commission and not really caring if the customer is satisfied.  So if you don't have any that I'm about to show you, you would have an idea of what you can test smell.  I prefer sweet floral or fruity smells.  Sometimes I like a must smell if its a combination of floral or fruit.  It can not be a Jasmine and pachouli only base.  So ask the sales rep what notes make up the scent, thats important.  Another thing you may need to do is spray it on you inner wrist and walk around for a minute the smell needs time to mix with your natural body oils to produce the right smell for you. Hope this is helpful! So these are just a few of my picks.

Daisy I like this its distinctive and has a slightly different scent from the original, but again body chemistry will have the last say on how this smells on you.

I love this I have 2 of them it smells like the expression New Money$ . Floral evening smell

This also has an adult smell never old lady I wouldn't do that to myself much less you guys! I would say this is a combo of floral orientals

Love this ! Its smell is just like the name of the perfume. Very soft and sensuous yet strong in character. 

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