Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sephora brand top coat

Hello gems!  This post will be to inform you guys of a great top coat Sephora OPI brand.  Its a quick dry solution so you do not have a long dry period.  I bought this a few weeks ago and i keep getting complements on my nails.  Besides the color I'm currently wearing being pretty the finish on with the top coat gives off the effect as if I have gel color.  This polish is a nice consistency and goes on smooth, dries very fast.  I'm impatient so for those who do not use gel top coat this is the next best thing.  Sold in  the regular Sephora and JC Penny Store.  I'm not playing I was testing it out but I will be going to get a couple bottles of this.  I do my nails often and weekly apply an extra coat of clear top coat for long lasting color along with shine. Below is the picture of what it looks like.  Don't sleep go get one or two!   

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