Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 Fashion Trend From My Perspective

  These bangles are from one of my favorite spots BEBE the metal is so hot!!

This leopard Fedora is from Charlotte Russe their so this season, leopard looks good with red which as stated in blog post might just be the new Black.

Retro Gucci Frames, Sun glasses are a must have any season.  You just may take a trip to a solstice or Sunglass Hut to figure out what shapes looks good on your face.

A chunky piece i love from BEBE

Reasonable size Handbag, Marc Jacob Nordstrom .

 This red fedora is HOT  i think its a must have for myself and its nicely priced  at Charlotte Russe.  It also looks good with animal print.


Faux snake-python platform pumps Chorlette Russe


Jimmy Choo sunglasses, Everyone who knows me personally know i love Sunglasses. Its an necessary I absolutely will not leave home without, unless that is I forget.  Then I walk around all day with this feeling that I'm leaving something.

There’s something about the fall wardrobe that ignites excitement. Fall is my favorite season.  September and October may top the list of the two best months to get dressed. We can layer our sweaters and light jackets and wear chic booties for a couple of months so go ahead and move them to the front of your closet before we need to hide under waterproof coats and boots.   For me I have to start this procedure early, do to me having so much foot wear period.  So now tomorrow is fashion week. Lots of stores have their thing going on in side mostly the flag ship locations.  They may invite celebrities to help bring the crowd and money or just offer free stuff, then its up to all of us fashionistas to decide who has the best to offer us do to the fact that if you read my blog you shop a lot anyway.  So to me its more about seeing next seasons fashion or freebies.  So now it looks like we are going back to platforms with thick heels which i hate.  its not sexy to me but i have seen some girl be able to throw it off.  Its not my style and fashion is about trend and some things im just not going to allow fashion to trend me. So for now I'll stick to the motorcycle jackets and the wedge boots, and of course riding boots.  Another thing popping off this fall will be COLOR The ones to watch for:  Orange, Turquoise, Teal, Red, and Parakeet Green. They're saying RED could be the new black. Yea that's my favorite color.  If your anything like me,  my hand bags are always plus size so im a little bummed about this next fashion trend.  This season’s best bags are more ladylike with hand-stitching detail, refined (rather than over sized and over embellished) hardware, and charming chain shoulder straps i guess Lightening our load sounds like a good idea anyway. The animals that are in NO danger of extinction are leopard, tiger, and zebra. This season’s “new” skin is snake. Fakes are welcome ok, it’s the pattern that counts. You’ll be able to wear wildlife on your clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories. Which is a plus for me cause i love animal print yea again.  Next would be chunky jewelry chains,rings or bracelets.  All of which you can find in any range of colors and styles.  I love pewter or rusted gold tone.  In fashion accessories its hard to maintain the lively hood of these items due to the fact i love perfume and this messes with the longevity of the jewels.  I recommend buying several .99 cent clear polishes and go over it a few (2) coats, this works for me.  Or for those who don't have the time if you love it buy more than one so you'll have a back up. Anywhoo until next time start gathering little piece to your already existing wardrobe and have fun with all the colors.  For some people this will be a challenge.  But if your like me it will be fun because i hardly own neutral tones or black clothing. SO dare to be bold and have fun!!!!!

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