Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dare to be Different

 Mrs.B has on her press on kitty katt
 Press on eye shadow

Zebra print press on shadow

Sephora by OPI sells these press on Polishes another option

Lets talk about being different.  It can some times cause a feeling of  uncertainty, anxiety, fear, excitement, Jealousy and the list goes on.  Some people just got it while others don't.  Sometimes it can have a lot to do with the level of self confidence a person may have.  So me on the other side, it doesn't matter how much I hate that extra 2 rolls that I carry around my waist line.  When I'm ready to go out side and face the world! Their is nothing that anyone can tell meI Dress into my confidence the same way I Dress put on my clothes.  I'm telling you people unconsciously go of  the feelings you give off about your self.  And I feel as long as your still being tasteful you do not have to do what others consider right or wrong when it comes to fashion.  Now I have learned that some of the hate comes from people being envious, a kind of LOVE/HATE emotion where they wish they could throw off a look the way you did.  So it turns in to a negative emotion  when they cannot achieve the look or more over the confidence to go threw with it.  Fashion of any type is an Artistic expression no one person will ever do anything the same.  Its to be appreciated that an individual could create beauty, and that in the eye of the beholder.  So now to the juicy stuff my top picks on some eye art.  Your like what is she talking about?  Well some Makeup artist have developed looks that I would love to try.  So here they are. And if your really into it you can find a lot of tutorials on you tube i've tagged my favorite.

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