Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bebe Mini striped leather jacket ( The look for less)

This piece bought to us by Store Bebe is a must have for anyone looking to make a style statement, Its real leather and fragile in terms of the mesh fabric holding the leather strips together.  This jacket goes for a cool  $229.00.  How many are willing to spend that on this pleasure?  So I started to look for others means to obtain this look.  Now keep in mind if you have a fashion sense at all you can make anything look like 100 bucks!  Below are some options when looking for a cheaper way to achieve the look.

This Teal jacket can be purchased for  $24.99 from  In my opinion this one has the best look of quality.

This one is from , however this will need special fashion skills in pulling this off because it doesnt have the same look of quality as the one posted below.

This one I love its a Vintage gold color at web site for a price of  $19.99 its all how you put your clothing together throw in some designer piece or accesories and it wont be questioned. 

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