Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dead-On signs of how to spot a fake Luis Vuitton Hand Bag

 Never will you ever see these type of errors in the real thing
 Look closely at how the stitching does not come together it over laps, they would burn this before they let it represent them at Luis Vuitton.
 Not the best caption but , you get the idea.
 All the Luiy I have purchased came inside the pockets located on the inside of the bag. And even the paper quality was off Luiy uses a high Quality parchment paper.
 Loose stitching will not happen with a bag that you haven't had over 20 yrs and even then Luiy takes responsibility for the repairs if snagged.
 The thread color is too yellow in color.

Well people here we go again,  I run into people all the time who ask me " How do you know if your buying an  Authentic LV handbag". O.k. key words YOUR BUYING and I say that is key because you need to only buy from the official Luis Vuitton. Yes Macy's in Herald Square has a LV boutique in side but the treatment that you receive in there is way less prestigious than that of the Official store locations.  They rent a spot in the store (Macy's) but they work for Luiy, However trust me any thing goes wrong with your piece they give you the run around and you do not get the superb service you receive when going to the official store so don't opt for this unless you truly must have a piece they carry from the previous season.  So now for all the people who have ask me this in reference to On-line shopping.  This is where it gets Nasty.  This is where many people get fooled, Luis Vuitton unlike Gucci never NEVER goes on sale.  So when online shopping says Luis Vuitton ON SALE, 50% off, any percent off for that matter it is fake,Fake,FAKE!!  The official stores sight reads just that, I highly recommend if its your first purchase of an authentic high end hand bag go to the store it self and live the experience it will have your hooked. Not to mention you will have access to touch and try all of the fabulous pieces within the store and have your purchase gift boxed and bagged in the official shopping packaging feeling like a $million$ bucks as you walk away  with you investment.  If you have been given a bag as a gift that you are unsure about when in dough take it to the store let them take a look at it.  But I would think that's embarrassing so for your eyes only I have provided pictures of what to look for as obvious signs that it is a fake.  Don't be a wanna be Diva, if you cannot afford Luiy then opt for Micheal kors, Marc Jacobs, Coach, Rebecca Minkoff,Big Buddha, long champ, Carlos Santana, just to name a few.  Don't sleep fashion is about defining your own personal style you don't have to wear what others are wearing, that's so tired.  Dare to be different.  Make your imprint upon the universe screw the world.  Until next time Stay fabulous   xoxxox

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