Monday, September 5, 2011

Aroma therapy for the souls well being

Everyone knows the purpose to this blog; it’s to give you the experience without physically having to do it yourself.  As you can see when reading about me it’s all about Self Love and showing appreciation to your spirit threw pampering and a little self indulgence in if that what floats your boat.  But being the person I am theirs times when you just want to relax and go deep inside of thought and forget all the things that cause uncomfortable feeling on the inside.  Everyone needs an escape from reality every now and then to keep the balance for sanity.  What the use of looking fabulous on the outside when the inside is sick.  Trust me people uneasy in spirit causes diseases.  Live and let live, Life short, just ask god for the strength and go within and let it go. So to get to the point of my post I love Friday nights when I know I have the weekend ahead of me and I come home and wash the previous week  load of clothes and clean the house.  Then when the house is nice and light feeling you take your Scented oils or candles, which ever you prefer, but I do recommend for people sensitive to smell to opt for the scented candles not as strong and let the oils burns and smell your house up with smells of strawberries or lemon or whatever smell talks to being.  I like to mix my oils to give a unique smell.  I can smell it outside my door down the stairs.  REALLY.  Anyhow here a few brands I would recommend.  Now the bath and body works store sells the but I don't like them too much because the smell doesn't last.  I use the oils and the plug INS and I don't really like either but I do have them in my home, and use seldom.  My favorite though is the body shop, Yardley, Yankee, even the fabreeze plug in do well.  but Yardley sells oils and the body shop oils are essential and 1 tbs of water can be added to make the oil last longer and burn slower and because the oil is pure essential it does't mess with the effect of the smell.  Choose a burner that stone or ceramic the pretty glass one or the stainless steel don't work well and tend to rust out or burn the oil too quickly. So now that the mood is set with smell goods lay back and enjoy a good book or knit or color listen to music while painting your toes or your kid’s toes. Trust me just forgetting that anyone else matters besides you and your takes you to a good place. So RELAX, pick up that book you've been meaning to read.  And indulge in you, YOU deserve it. Give yourself a pat on the shoulder and thank every part of you. Your feet for carrying you, your heart for beating for you, your brain for never giving up, and whatever other part of you, that could have quit a long time ago.  SO now you’re fabulous from the inside out, and fabulous people surround their self in fabulous things and individuals. So until next time Stay fabulous, hope you enjoyed this    xoxoxoxo

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