Tuesday, January 8, 2013

False Eye Lashes

A lot of women have fallen into the trend of false eye lashes.  Some women use them without a real knowledge on how to wear them without looking like they're apart of a Mardi gras parade in New Orleans.  Seriously though, just because they make and sell over 100 styles, that doesn't mean you should try them.  The art to wearing them is to add Drama to the eye while remaining sexy natural lashes.  A man/woman for that matter will not tell you that you look foolish walking around with lashes that make you look like Mr. snuffleupagus from SESAME STREET.  My male friends always tell me of these horror stories of dating women who would apply them wrong or wear the wrong styles.  So now I'll tell you how to remain sexy while wearing them. First wear the ones that are closest to the length of your natural lash just a tiny bit longer.  Then before you apply glue cut the lash if needed.  The art is to make them look as natural as possible.  So when applying use tweezers to get the false lash as close as possible to natural lash line.  Next I always line the upper lid with black eye liner just in case I do not get the lash as close as needed with out having a visual gap seen by others.  When the lash is in place you then line the remaining part of the eye with a liquid eye liner and your done.

If you prefer using lashes for length then this style would be a good choice.

These are good for volume and length without having the super heavy lid

These are when you want to have length but a normal Day to Day wear

These are a shorter version of some above if you prefer a mascara look  over natural lash look

These are for length no heavy volume nice and simple

These are the "RED ZONE" these are extremely unreal and will cause you to have the heavy cap lids too dramatizing for most looks unless your in a magazine spread with heavy make up and lighting! 

These are the "RED ZONE" they are not as heavy as the ones above it however they have extreme length your lashes will turn the corner before you do!

These are the "RED ZONE " another version of the ones posted above with the Snuffy look, TOO heavy!

Easy application and you can reuse your lash because this is temporary

Now remember these numbers usually stay the same with the different brands on the market.  This is just an idea of what I'm talking about.  If the lash looks thick in the pack it will look even heavier on your lid.  You would have to put concealer all the way down to your chin to get rid of the shadow it places on your face.  The quality of this brand is to my liking so I use these but, if you can find them in other brands by all means try your hands with it.  I use my lashes several times before they need to be replaced.  Just remember that they go on after the shadow and if you do not have steady hands line the eye before hand.  I must also mention while some of us may prefer individual lashes, consider having to always use them or invest in some kind of lash regrowth serum because the semi permanent glue used will always pull your natural lashes out!

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