Friday, January 13, 2012

Sally Hansen

These came from Sephora

Sally Hansen zibra print

I found these in N.C.

One of my favorite

I have been going nuts with these 10 dollar manicures in a box.  I find them to be worth the money.  To get the longest possible use, just like all other polish use a good top coat. Not the .99 cents stuff.  Best O.P.I or ESSIE, Sally Hansen, or even a gel top coat and go under the UV.  They also have a UV gel minus the UV lamp so that should be better for those who do not own their own lamp.  My friend at work also told me that she gets 2 applications out of one pack because she keeps her nails short so I will be doing that from now on.  So go crazy with it and try the most colorful ones.  You wont be sorry.   I give them a 4