Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Ultimate Experiences

These are the color hair pieces the Designer wanted to see the models wear, as an added touch
                                          Our work stations and the equipment used in creating the looks
Stylist creating her look of what she called Im the girl at the mall no one wants to be friends with

The model had a fade so Chuckie Sprayed her hair in black temp hair color a crucifix

Below you'll see the famous Chuck Amos doing his thing having fun
My girl Chrissie Getting Busy on this models temp color by Manic Panic in green

This model ending up looking so glamorous her hair had to get changed because she look to good we needed a cooler look

 This was the area the models got their hair done, they were on point these models got skin tans in a few seconds. Amazing

                                         This model had on a Outfit made from slime from head to toe her shoes where also cover in green slime as well as the shades, as all the green mirrored off her deep ebony skin tone
This model I styled her hair she was very sweet and eager to have the color extensions added
This model was being dressed in earring made from the same green slime
This model wore a neckless made from slime as it drooled around her neck
The model posses for the camera after having her slimy earring added
 All of these images are of models either getting their make-up done or hair.  Some are even the end result and some products we used like flat irons, colored hair pieces, temp hair color etc.

Chuck Amos did this models hair

Hello readers, I hope I found everyone in good spirit and well being from the last time I posted!  I'm especially excited today to tell you guys about my experience today as an assistant to a major Hair Stylist CHUCK AMOS if your not familiar with him i think you should should get informed.  He was doing a fashion show and ask for some stylist to volunteer, yes although i am more of a fashion/wardrobe stylist I was more than open to the idea of being in the atmosphere so i took a chance and went anyway, I'm glad that i did. I met some awesome people that i will be keeping in touch with.  So when i first got their i saw women sitting around that were obvious models from their body frames so i took a seat next to them to see what was what. i saw how everyone walked in with like suit cases of either makeup or hair styling equipment i felt so unprepared with my one little flat iron (but strong) and my pack of combs.  being a wardrobe stylist i walked with safety pins and a sewing kit,my steamer,lint roller and masking take. Those are must have stylist item that i had in my pocket book.  Anyhow when i walked over to what look like the working station for the hair i introduced myself to the women who were also apart of team Chuck.  We all basically talked about how we found out about the the show and what we knew to expect.  We were all kind of on the same page but some of the artist where more familiar with the whole thing.  And those where the ones that were stand offish.  Any who when Chuck arrived he was so kind and friendly.  He didn't treat anyone different from the next.  To him it didn't matter.  He did the really eccentric styles that were stand outish and we did the basic punk kids gone Gothic look. I provided as many pictures as i could as to what was going back stage at this show. I only wish i could have gotten more.  It was a great experience fast pace and adrenaline pumping.  seeing these young models being transformed to cultivated a desired look of the designer was fun especially cause the look is not something you see every day.

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