Thursday, September 8, 2011

Trends that Come in for Fall Season

Some smell goods to start off the Fall Trends Euphoria by Calvin Klein,along with others like Daisy so fresh by Marc JACOBS and Burberry Brit also continues into the fall.

This is Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria . Its woodsy and fruity all in one. Its worth a try.  I actually like it more than the original Euphoria.  Just in time for the Fall

Fall fashion trend for the eyes will involve rich metallic lids.  I recommend trying Dior 5 colour palette in a Sephora.  Let the artist put the makeup on for you.  See how you like it, play with it a little.  This would go well with the Buxom smokey eye stick in Ice Pick.  All shown

Join Just Fab its is free to join and all the items on the site are 39.99. They also have special where you get 2 pairs for that price.

Victoria Secrets always has nice Dresses and most are reasonably priced.

These Green shoes would look great with that Vicky Secret dress also from Just 

Cats Eye Sunglasses are also in this Fall along with the Cats eye make-up

How many people enjoy Color  Blockin?   I mean Strong, vibrantly Social, expressive pieces of clothing together that gives a glimpse of your personality. Many people dress a certain way without knowing the look they give off to other people. That's why they say some guys may be attracted to a woman who dresses extremely sexy.  Some men feel that its sexually suggestive so that's the response to expect but I strongly disagree with this.  I love to feel sexy, and clothing helps cultivate that feeling in your being.  But as with anything their is a way to go about this.  Their is a thin line between sexy and trashy so be careful to stay on the right side of that line so not to be disrespected by the opposite sex. Now for me color expresses my Flirty side, My Dare to be different side, My Outgoing Side,My Strong Personality, My Confidence level and some times my aggressive nature. All of this can be figured out about you just by the way you dress.  So my thing is to dress to impress.  So again Go figure I would love Color Blocking.  Its a fashion trend that allows me to wear all the colors I adore and not to mention my favorite colors.

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