Monday, September 5, 2011

Fun Nail Polishes

I like trying things with with regard to fashion and style that others are not as open to exploring.  This is much more experimental than the shatter by OPI or the crackle by CHINA GLAZE.  So I'm completely drawn to it because of how different and fun it is.  So this product I'm discussing is Mood changing Nail Polish sold In Claire's or Charolette Russe, Forever 21.  These polishes go from either light to darker shades once on your nail, affected by body temperature or by the temperature of water. Often with me because my nails are somewhat long they are two toned most of the time.  Some people may think its for kids but I like that the look cannot be created by the Asians in a salon due to it being controlled by nature.  Your bodies heat.   Everyone gets nails designs drawn on so i don't even do that anymore.  Again I ALWAYS always dare to be different.  So as we speak I'm wearing mood changing polish on my fingers all different colors. Not at all worried about what others think.  I love it. So try something different if you always stick to the same things switch it up a bit.  Dare To Be Different

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