Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Must try Nail polish worth every cent.

Now for people who are not afraid to take a walk on THE WILD side, try Shatter Nail Polish or what other brands call it the crackle.  Now me personally it gives design without any effort with each nail creating its own unique pattern.  It's really important to choose your colors wisely for the best look.  If you’re going with a shatter that's light then the obvious choice would be to go for base colors that are darker, NOTICE how I said darker and not dark.  This is because a dark color will make a lighter shatter appear dull and darker in color as well. So one that is darker than the shatter but still not quite dark looks good and pops. As with me I used the crackle by China Glaze brand.  In Crushed candy and a peach tone color by Nailezze as seen in the images below and I love it.  Invest in a top brand top coat for longevity of the polish, like OPI, Essie, for those that don't mind spending ibd top coat.  Usually I don't keep the same polish on more than 3 days but I liked the way this looked.  You can usually find China Glaze Brand in pharmacy's in the city, but if that out of your way you could always try buying online at  I have provided picks below to give an idea of what it can look like.  So until next time keep your manies tight

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