Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sephora 18ct. GOLD Top Coat

I was doing my usual restock of my benefit Boi-ing concealer when I bumped into a polish that's is said to have this intense shine with real 18 ct. gold high light bits. There was only one left so I took that as faith that I was to have this 18 ct. luxury nail polish at $30.00 a pop! plus tax.  The sales girl told me they sold out immediately so I felt like I won the lottery.  I tried this polish with the Essie summer polish A CREWED INTEREST so if you google the color you know what I'm talking about, the 18ct. gave my nails a nice shine however the little gold specs where hardly noticeable for what I payed and the polish it self yellowed every polish I tried with it.  It gave this look of residue.  I was totally unsatisfied with this polish.  So not worth the price$.  I would buy it at $5.00 for the shine and only use it with dark colors so you cannot see the yellow effect.  I hope my experience saves someone 30 bucks!  CHEERS!!

Its real but so mot worth the money!

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