Saturday, May 12, 2012

KiKi's Candles

Have you ever had an experience buying candles that smelled amazing once you opened the lid or while you were in the store but once you burned the candle at home there was not a trace of the candles fragrance around?  Well I have enough for any of us.  And I must admit its very annoying.  I love candles especially good candle that makes a whole average size room light up with its aroma.  Its nothing like sitting in a clean house with some clean linen fragrance filling the room while sipping your MOSCATO!  Yumm!.  So I recently found an up and coming brand  I love!  I love to support quality of name brands or quantity any day.  So because I know sharing is caring below you will see the name of these candle I cannot get enough of unless its 90+ degrees out side.  LOL

KiKi's Candles Straight out of NYC, to be premiered at Fall fashion week 2012

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