Thursday, April 12, 2012

Duo eye liner stick by NYC

My latest trip to the local Duane Reade was in search of my favorite eyebrow pencil made by Jordana.  I usually purchase it from Walgreens which I know for a fact sells this brand however I'm assuming that they share the same products.  So I walked straight to the make up aisle taking a glimpse of the O.P.I and ESSIE collection that happen to be so few it look like they were giving it away. I started checking brands that I could see carried Eyebrow pencils.  I Came across some that were way to expensive.  $12. 00 & up.  I am use to buying a color of which I love for .99 cents, so anything over that by $3.00  is too much for me.  I came across the brand NYC.  They had brow pencils some of which look similar to my Jordana pencil color.  So I picked up 2 of the possibles and A new Duo eyeliner that carried several variations.  I first wanted the white tip with black on the other end but was worried of the quality of the pencil being it was only 1.99 each.  How ever I purchased a black and copper duo. When I arrived home I immediately went to try this pencil on while my eye makeup was still intact.  I was very please of how easily the pencil glided onto my lower eyelid.  It gave my eyes this subtle pop of amazement.  I give this product 4 STARS.  I will be going back for the white, blue, turquoise, and the pink.

Below you can see what the stick looks like. MUST TRY!!

The whole stick

Copper end as high light

Black end

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