Friday, May 25, 2012

YOUTUBE inspired spiked heels

Now I love to improvise when it comes to some things fashion, then I believe some things can not be faked.  However, it is almost always about Presentation + Confidence.  I happen to be a Non- conformist so I do not allow Fashion as much as I love it or trends to Limit me Artistically expression of self.  So I love to create and trying new things and this project feel under both categories.  As you will see in the images bellow I have attempted to make a studded pair of wearable pumps. Once the shoes were done I did realize that they are now about one full size ti half a size big.  I bought the shoes in my right size 8.  So if your going to try this keep that in mind.  These shoe were comfy before i added the studs and are still quite wearable now that the screws are on the back.  One think I will be doing to make them more fitted will be to add an elastic strap right across the top to keep the shoe from flip flopping missing up my sexy.  We cant have that.  LOL

These are a basic pair of pumps purchased from Charolette Russe I love the Heel.  I thought these shoes would look hot with spikes along the back so I
 decided to add some of my own.

This is after applying a few spike the shoe, I used a regular drill for the wholes, then screwed the spikes in.

Coming along nicely

Now for the people wondering what it looks like on the inside!  Basically you wanna screw  the spikes as far as they will allow you to go.

These is the finish product.  As I thought the spiked heel went grate with the spikes.

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