Monday, October 3, 2011

My first visit to a thrift shop

O.K I loath taking pictures at this weight, but to any event I had to show you guys one of the items I recently purchased from the Thrift Shop.  S in this pictures I wearing The jacket I bought from Charlotte Russe, Shoes from H&M,Chain Belt from Express, and skirt from Thrift shop for 5 bucks.

Today I want to talk to you guys about thrift store shopping. To me it is a skill all in its self.  I have one friend whom I would always ask her where she purchased certain outfits or hand bags she had on.  She would tell me the Salvation Army, A sample store where the clothes cost $1.00, and of course thrift stores. That was crazy to me; I would always listen to her in such amazement as she filled e in on her shopping experiences then showing me what she gained from them.  I never new certain department stores donated toys, clothing and home goods to certain thrift store organizations.   She almost blue my and the year they bought out the Nintendo ds and she said she bought her son own their for $40.00.  Still to this day when walking by any thrift store I cannot understand how she could shop in such a dis-are! Looking through the confusion confused me.  Today I was scheduled to go to a little preview of this woman costume jewelry and I ran into the thrift store on 23rd and 3rd ave.  I figured I should find some nice high end item in this location so I stopped in to see what was all the whop la other stylist and my friend were talking about.  As I walked in I couldn’t really understand the set up.  The order of things if any at all.  I walked straight to the garments that had the colors that appealed to my senses.  So I began picking through the rack of jacket shirts trenches that were in some type of order from color.  I ended up where the pinks and reds were located then worked my way to the black.  One thing I noticed off the back were that the sizes ranged from 1-6 and some 8 were visible then sparingly a few 10 were in the mix.  I saw allot of small and a few mediums but limited large, so this already told me based on location no fat people. but on a positive note I saw allot if top designers such a Fendi , D&G , Prada, Chanel, some J. Crew and other store brands on these racks.  Nice picks if it’s in your size.  Then I saw the area the shoes were located, they were either very big like 11 or very small like 6, 6.5.  But again shoes by Chanel, Prada, Cloe, and some Old Navy, Nine West, and other brands not to familiar with.  So now that I began to get comfy with the idea of looking through other peoples  unwanted clothing I walked myself over to the counter where they store the jewelry.  I must say I was very pleased with how great of a selection they had available. I knew I was on a budget and wanted to stick to that given this was not a part of my plans, any how I proceeded.  I saw a few things that caught my eye but a ring one didn’t fit, and a necklace that can be twisted up to look like whatever; I got the gold and silver.  Then I walked around a little more and thought to myself I should find a color block selection.  Being that when I asked someone who volunteered their how were the clothes arranged learning it was by color.  That would have made the search easier for a first timer like myself.  So again I walked over to the colors that called to me.  I ended up in front of a rack of Pinks, Red and Orange.  I found a lovely pencil skirt in Red which is my favorite color and a funky chain that can be worn in any way possible.

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