Monday, September 19, 2011

A good way to make space in your wardrobe

Hi, people today I wish to share my experience with making the best out of having very minimal closet space.  I think I make it very clear that I’m a bit of a compulsive shopper.  So you can just imagine the space issues I’m having and the thin line between pack rat behavior and hoarding.  I really hate using the term   but some things I’m just not willing to part with, but on a positive note I donate monthly to Goodwill and the Salvation Army.  Anyhow last year I decided to try the Space Bags advertised on TV.  When they finally delivered the bags the package I choose could pack pillows, stuff animals and small summer clothes for me and my girls.   When finished packing the garments in the first bag and Deflated the air it did not stay deflated.  Plus the way the advertisement had it look I was expecting my things to look as flat.  I didn’t get the same result and as stated before the air didn’t stay out.  To say the least I was very disappoint with the product and contacted the company via email to submit my complaint about the satisfaction of the product.   I fell I may have not been the only person cause now almost 2 years now I looked at the newest version of the space bags and they improved  it , so I took another chance on it.  Well guys I do love the upgraded version.  I took the time and folded all the clothes before placing them in the bags, then once full I deflated the bags and was very satisfied with how flat it was and the compression.  I wanted to pack everything in my drawers.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants to pack up seasonal clothing, shower curtains anything for that matter.

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