Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Target Stores CRASH

So I’m sure ever one has heard that on Tuesday Target online Crashed.  Allegedly fashionistas from all over flooded the site when they heard that a low priced high end fashion line would be sold out of target.  The Missoni Italian fashion house, home linen and accessories.  The rushes of eager shoppers were too much for the servers to handle.  I got a peak at the women apparel and although it wasn't type of fashion, I did manage to find a few items I would consider putting in my wish list.  For now that’s where they have to go due to everything I like being sold out.  Go figure?

As you can see I’m more of an accessories person or key pieces can stand out but it’s easy to cross the line of cute and stylish with all this color and zig zag detailing.

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