Monday, October 3, 2011

My Family Trip to See The Lion King on Broadway


This is what you see right above the escalator when entering and leaving the Minkoff theater.

This Head piece I wasn't sure but it was either NAHLA, or SARABI Head piece

One of my favorite Characters in the play Musafahs Brother SCAR template costume

This was the young man who played ZIMBA when he was a child.

This is the template for Ed The hyena.

Yesterday my girls and I saw The Broadway play The lion King.  I must admit that earlier that Sunday morning I was quite bummed about buying the ticket for a Sunday when I have less energy and consider it the begging of the week, so to any event I could not change the date on the ticket due to buying them at a discounted rate.  So I got the kids together and we precede to destination the mink off theater.  Once we got off the train my youngest was in total amazement.  She had never been to 42nd street in the night or for any time for that matter due to me having a problem dealing with crowds.  As we walked by streets fairs, Horses and coaches, and other things you don't see unless you frequent time square.

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