Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Do it yourself UV nails

This is my UV lamp they come with as little as 8 watts and up.   I have a 40 watts lamp so its pretty quick at curing the gel

UV pink Builder gel usually used with White french gel but I use it for the whole nail, this builds the level of thickness for the strength of the nail .  You can apply this as many times as needed till you have the desired thickness for the nail.

This is the UV Bonder used for priming the nail so that UV gel clings to nails with out bubbles or air

To clean UV brush as well as the Nail after the nails have been cured under UV lamp.

This is the Nail prep used to Dehydrate & clean all residue from nail after filing the nail bed before applying products to nail.

The end results will be Shiny protective coat over Nails

Products you will need

Tools you will need

Start by pushing back the Nail cuticle.

In this picture what I'm doing is blotting the nail after I cured the Bonder it should be dull when your finish.


Hello everyone, today I want to talk about doing your own UV nails.  I have a problem with going to the nail salon and have one person in the whole salon that does great nails and the wait time is 1 hour so your forced to let someone who may not have the same skill do the your nails and end up unsatisfied.  So me being the Do It Your Self person that I am I purchased my own supplies and started doing my own nails.  And I must say I am very pleased and will never go back to having any one else do them for me unless I love the talent behind the Nail Technician.

Okay so now I'm gonna list the order it should be performed:

1-  You obviously take off any nail polish with acetone.
2-  You clip your nails down to the same length or file them.
3-  You begin to file you nail bed lightly over the whole nail
4-  You apply the Nail prep to nail 
5-  You apply the Bonder to nail making sure you have not gotten any on the surrounding skin. (If so use the cuticle pusher to remove it or when cured it will cause lifting)
6-  You cure the Bonder for like 5 seconds depending on watts your using for your UV lamp.  Longer if less, shorter is more watts.
7-  You blot the bonder till the nail looks dull take away the shine
8-  Begin to apply your first layer of UV gel, you will be applying it the same way you apply nail polish.
9-  You put your hands under the UV dryer for like 30 seconds.
10-  and you repeat as needed step 8 and 9.
11- When satisfied with the strength of nail you take the nail cleaner or regular alcohol and wipe the tacky residue from nails, this will reveal the ultra shiny coat of the gel. 
12 Next I would recommend you using a Cuticle Conditioner around your finished nails
13-  Enjoy freshly manicured Nails with UV gel.
NOTE: you can also put your own nail polish on top of UV gel then top coat idb ultra shine gloss to set your polish from chipping.

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