Sunday, March 4, 2012

NO UV Lamp UV nail polish

Well I was asked if I ever tried the nail polish that didn't require a UV Lamp.  Well I decided to pick a color and ride with it.  So I made a quick run to my local Duane Read to make the purchase.  First thing when I looked the product up online to view the reviews I immediately noticed it was $11.99 okay this is more than my OPI.  So inside of the store it cost $15.00. OMG.  I said this thing better work for all this money so heres the experiment.  I carefully read the instructions did all that was instructed for best application. When it was all over and done The coverage was good after applying 2 coats.  Then by the time i got home I had the nerve to spot a chip.  YES people the no UV polish chipped  on the first day.  So you have you answer stick to the real UV manicure. My rating for this product is a 2.

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