Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mrs. Tina Knowles has an affordable clothing line


$18.98 skinny riding pants


$18.98 more colors on site

I actually knew about this the beginning of the year but when I checked for it in stores they were just getting the line ready for the stores so they didn't have anything ready at that point.  Now over 8 months later I was shopping for little things and ran across the line.  I must say its cut thing for way more affordable prices than Dereon another line owned by her and her daughter Beyonce.  Nothing I saw was over 20.00 bucks.  I immediately started adding things to my cart.  Take some time and visit the site, you can find some really cute things.  I look out for ways to look cute and not spend an arm and a leg because I give away a lot of my things.  So because I love to travel and my kids are now at an age they can enjoy a trip anywhere, this is where I prefer to spend the money.  I'm not trying to fool anyone I just feel ill shift my focus a little.  I’ll still spend on my accessories of designer high end labels there’s no compromise there, However magazines aren't really showing people how they can still look sexy, trendy and still be able to enjoy lasting memories and travel.  Everyone is not in the 6 figure percentile where they can afford all the things that we like or would love to have.  So this is where I hope to fit in.  I hope it’s all very use full.

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