Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Master Bedroom Wall Decal


I have done Wall decals before and I love it. Although I am an Artist and sometimes prefer to draw a freestyle contemporary design on my wall, I didn't feel like it last year so I bought a small wall decal for my corner wall and everyone who visited my apartment asked if I painted it. If you are someone like me who really does not prefer to have pictures or painting hanging off the wall I just paint them or use stencils or decal. The advantages to using decals are that they can be peeled right off. The stencils are painted on and have to be painted over with primer depending on the colors used for the design when you want to remove them.   I hope this was helpful. The site given gives step by step directions so you can’t click on the link

Master Bedroom Wall Decal

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  1. Thanks to this...I have a beautiful new decal. I'm a poetry fanatic myself so I used a quote decal but it works with my new look perfectly!