Sunday, March 18, 2012

My new SPRING thing "Nail Stamping Design"

Growing tired of the old regular method of doing my nails.  Staying up to date with the O.P.I and ESSIE collections, with a range of mixed feeling about the entire collection or just one favorite from the collection.  So on to the next of nail fashion for the fashionista on a budget.  Nail Stamping!  They come on a sort of metal disk with a range of decals to imprint the tamp tool on.  They have full nail designs and half nail as well as individual little embellishments you may want to place sparingly along the sides or where ever on the nail.  I think I will be doing this through out the summer.  I was recently on my Nail foil frenzy but the foil is way to fragile for anyone who really does any chores around the house.  stamping seems to be more durable.  The only thing is when I apply a top coat the polish used for the design bleeds as you'll see in my pictures.  But i just wanted to try it out so badly I didn't want to redo it them post so please pay no attention to the work it will improve, I'm developing my technique to get the best application.

And this is a close up of the way the polish bleeds when clear nail polish was added to have the style last.  I'll find a wa to work around this by my second post.

Now this is my right hand the thing with this hand is I have very long nail beds this is when your nails are use to being long. , however when my nail cracks when I'm in between the UV gel treatment they break into my flesh and i have to clip off the hang nail that part that get snagged on everything just to stop it from ripping through my skin. So it looks a lot uneven but it will change.

My piano nail job!  Yah like?

This will be my next week style plate what do you recommend?

The stamp disk, as I explained you have different options on 1 plate.

The head of the stamper the part that will transfer the nail paint

Pure Acetone and the Special polish used in stamping

The stamp and the scraper

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